Gelish® Soak-Off Gel Polish PhD

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Who is this for?

The experienced nail technician looking to refine their skills to an intermediate level. 

A fun course focussing on:

  • perfecting your techniques to a master level 
  • obtaining a Gelish® PhD Soak-Off Gel Polish Global certification and be able to command higher service fees for being an expert in your field.

What will this cover?

  • expanded salon applications and trouble shooting of troubled clients with expansions ofr Gelish® Flex Foundation applications
  • Tip application alternatives with Gelish® Builder in a Bottle enhancements


Time Schedule:

A minimum of 6 hours’ classroom instruction with a minimum of 3 case studies with photographic evidence and analysis sheets for feedback completed before certification.


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Upon successfully completing this course you will receive an ABT accredited Gelish® 101 Soak-Off Gel Polish Global certification.

All Gelish Pro Academy courses have ABT Accredited Status

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United Kingdom


Gelish® 101 or Gelish® Conversion PLUS Gelish® Tip Overlay.

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