Gelish® Xpress™ Dip Tip Overlay

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Who is this for?

The experienced Nail Technician looking to enhance their skills and boost earning potential.  Take the knowledge you already have from the Novice or Conversion course and add the skill of being able to apply a Tip overlay in conjunction with Gelish® Xpress Dip products to create nail enhancements.  You can add this course to your Novice course, Conversion course or come back and do it at a later date.

What will it cover?

  • Focus on performing a tip overlay application using Gelish® Xpress™ Dip
  • Dip Tip sizing vs alternative extension applications
  • Trouble shooting salon applications for best service results

Time Schedule:

A minimum of 4 hours’ classroom instruction with a minimum of 3 case studies with photographic evidence and analysis sheets for feedback completed before certification.


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Upon successfully completing this course along with the Gelish® Xpress Dip Novice, Gelish® Xpress Dip Conversion or Gelish® Xpress Dip Progression course you will receive accredited Gelish® 101 Xpress Dip Global certification.

All Gelish Pro Academy courses have ABT Accredited Status

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Completion of Gelish® Xpress Novice or Conversion course

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