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Meet Gelish® ® Master Educator – Catherine Jimenez 

Location : Penn, High Wycombe


My name is Catherine Jimenez and I am a Master Educator for Gelish®  & Morgan Taylor based in Buckinghamshire. I have been an educator within the UK for the last 12 years and have always loved working with Gelish® .  It is simple a beautiful professional nail product to work with. 

I became a Nail Technician later in my life after a 20 year career in Financial Services. Once I had my son I wanted a career with more flexibility and having my nails done had always been something I loved, so I decided to qualify and look at setting up my own business.  On completing my NVQ Level 2 I started my own home salon and was looking for a high quality professional brand to use. I was immediately attracted to the classy branding of Gelish® ! I went to the Olympia Beauty show and bought a Foundation, Top it Off and a colour and road tested the product on one of my friends – I was hooked! I started off simple with natural nail and gel polish on my clients, and continued with my development into Gelish® ’s nail system courses, it was while I was attending these courses I realised educating for this company is something I was very passionate about doing. I sent in my CV to the Head of Education and to my amazement and delight they invited me to attend my very first Educator Training Session. The rest as they say is history!

I could not love my job more if I tried!

I feel a huge amount of pride in seeing my students go on to build successful businesses - knowing that I have had a small hand in helping them to achieve this. 

If you would like to build a successful business with Gelish®  drop me an email on and I would be so excited in getting you started. 

Our Q&A with Catherine:

What inspired you to do nails?

I started doing nails 13 years ago after a 29-year long career in banking. After having my son, I decided I needed a career that I could make sure balanced with caring for him. 

What motivated you to join the Gelish®  team?

I became an educator a year later after attending the advanced Gelish®  courses. I had completed a 2-year training in my previous banking career and knew that passing on knowledge was one of my strengths, so I decided to apply and to my relief I was accepted. 

How long have you been an Educator for Gelish® ?

I have been a Gelish®  Master Educator for 12 years.

What is your favourite part of nails and teaching nails?

I love everything about teaching people but I especially the satisfaction I get when someone struggles with something, but with patience, hard work and my help they succeed in it.  

What is your goal?

My goal is with continuous improvement to enhance my skills and knowledge and then pass this onto my students. I am particularly passionate about making sure students understand over exposure so that we can start to halt the epidemic of allergic reactions in the UK market. 


Catherine understands business. With her background in Financial Services she can offer her students a solid start to starting their own nail business whilst developing their skills and techniques. She is a perfectionist and is always continuously striving to develop her skills further. 


Catherine runs Signature Nails & Lashes as a home salon, and has grown quickly due to Catherine’s dedication to detail and precision, providing every client with an personal service. She offers the full range of nail and lash services and solutions.


You can get in contact and follow Catherine @

Instagram          @signature_nails_lashes


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